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A Hydro-Urban field of individual agency

Infrastructural Absurdity
A Floating City of Circulations 
A port of rusting vessels re calibrated for a new hydro-urbanism


Dreaming of Our Future Expansion

 At least Le Corbusier stated who he believed in...


A New Field for Action: Superstudio Redux

then our masters want to join in on the fun., admiring the natives..


Liquid Calibrations

Go with the flow

Intra-National Hydro-Urbanism

A City in Front of the City


Floating Objects

Floating Cities from the Big Apple: A Comparative Approach
Floating Cities adjusting to the Currents


Developers Implementing Fantasies Faster than the Academics

250 meter cruise ships of real estate speculation -- the longest development in Singapore!
A future expansionary practice for continued upward real estate trends.

For those who desire the perfect view...
A nostalgia for the tower.

Marina Mangrove -- An Environmentalist's wet dream.


Naked Singapore

A future of liquid geographies...
The archipelago's urban interaction 


Bucky finally finds Relevance

Dymaxion Redux

Bucky was so close...

Bucky's wet dream in an aluminum skin

Liquid Cluster F**Ks

Liquid Geographies
Floating Idealism of Euclidean Dimensions

The autonomy we have all been searching for...


Pixel Landscapes: Maximized Efficiency, Water and Land Equivalency

A fully Digitalized Landscape: Fully Efficient, Consistent and most importantly Beautiful

A Growing Embrace of Hilberseimer meets Sim City.

A Perfect Reorganization for Maximum Efficiency

If only Singapore could fit through the Straits -- Liberty at Last